Contract services

  1. Standard-form contracts for your business tasks (Time & Materials, Dedicated Team, Outstaffing, Fixed Price, SLAs, etc.), including with a view to Covid-19 restrictions
  2. Risk estimates and improvements to your contracts as well as to those required by your customers
  3. Introduction of new contracts for your internal processes, implementation of registers and checklists, and team training
  4. Monthly or quarterly checks of your contracts and registers and advise on current contractual matters
  5. Protection of your interests in the course of negotiations with customers
  6. Handling of routine contract drafting tasks with a monthly subscription

Legal structuring services (coworking, R&D centers, startups)

  1. Assessment of your company’s structure for vulnerabilities to tax inspectors and inspectors of the Ukrainian State Labor Service and advice on safety improvements
  2. Arrangement of papers for coworking. (We are champions of this issue and employ proven original tips.)
  3. Advice on how to involve specialists and register equipment during quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic
  4. Help opening an R&D (research & development) center for a foreign company on a turnkey basis
  5. Help opening a transit bank account so a non-resident can pay for the services of Ukrainian IEs
  6. Identification and registration of a flexible and secure legal structure for your startup
Tretten service

Real estate agreement services

  1. Checks of a property of interest for arrests and prohibitions, checks of a landlord/seller for debts, disputes, and reputation, and a careful review of the conditions of a rent/purchase agreement for legal and business risks
  2. Recommendations as to the best rent/purchase model in terms of taxes and fees and handling of all documents on a turnkey basis
  3. Registration of the right to ownership
  4. Protection of your interests in the course of negotiations with a landlord/seller, realtor, notary, or bank

Legal support services for business investments: M&A, grants, options

  1. Assessment of the legal readiness of your company to make a sale or purchase. (We will help you in preparation for the agreement with your business structure, team, and document registration or re-registration.)
  2. Drafting of a letter of intent (LoI)
  3. Protection of your interests in the course of an audit (due diligence) at the buyer’s or investor’s request and during discussion of the terms of the agreement
  4. Checking, drafting, and assisting in the execution of a sale and purchase agreement (SPA)
  5. Legalization of options for your team, including arrangement of documents and negotiations
  6. Protection of a startup’s interests when receiving a grant and help preparing reliable reporting on the use of grant funds

Legalization of international specialists

  1. Consultations on how to formalize and legalize your cooperation with a foreign specialist. (We can find ways out of difficult situations during legalization.)
  2. Formalization of all documents on a turnkey basis to obtain an employment permit, residency permit, registration number, and identification number
  3. Help with IE (individual entrepreneur) registration and opening a bank account

Assessment of risks and opportunities abroad

  1. Assessment of your business structure for vulnerabilities to the new CFC (controlled foreign company) rules and suggestions for new scenarios
  2. Consultations on the status of a tax resident and on taxes and risks in a country of interest given the Ukrainian realities and rules of double taxation
  3. Identification of intelligent methods of dividend payments

Protection in emergency situations

  1. Call us and have one of our lawyers come on-site to protect your interests, the interests of your team, and the interests of your property during a special forces raid in the office.
  2. We can conduct safety training for your team, teaching them how to act and what not to do during a raid or inspection.

Consultation of business on Дія City

  1. We will estimate your business structure (team, processes, contracts, taxes) to determine the most efficient scenario of adaptation to Дія City regime”
  2. We will assist in proper structuring of your business (including coworking model of structuring)
  3. We will consult you and perform relevant training for your managers or other team members of your company
tretten team