R&D center in Ukraine
Opening an R&D Center to Give It Away – How It Works and What Contract to Use

A U.S. company with plans to open an R&D center in Ukraine contacted one of our clients. They asked her […]

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How to set up employee stock options

Foreign companies seeking to open an R&D office in Ukraine often come to us with this question. While discussing legal […]

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Setting up an R&D center in Ukraine

“Help me register a legal entity”. That’s what clients usually ask of us when planning to open an R&D center […]

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аренда ІТ офис
Office lease agreement for IT coworking: what should be in it

Many IT companies which have realized that joining Diia City won’t be in their best interest have begun restructuring into […]

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Дія City
Diia City for IT: join or pass?

Diia City is likely to arrive this year. On 15 July, the Parliament passed bill 4303 which establishes a special […]

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Коворкінг як частина IT бізнесу. Навіщо це структурування
Coworking as part of the IT business structure. What is this structure for?

Ukrainian IT businesses are often represented by several individual entrepreneurs (IEs) who work as independent developers but sometimes perform functions […]

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