Diia City was launched in 2022. One way or another, it’s going to change Ukraine’s IT industry, and doing IT business the old way won’t be an option anymore. So it’s best to start thinking what place your company will have in the new system sooner rather than later, and prepare accordingly.

Tretten Lawyers have been following Diia City developments since day one. We have been doing research, running hypothetical scenarios and checking how they fare against reality, all the while sifting through every new piece of legislation.

We hold joint events with the Diia City team and debate them to identify potential pitfalls and mitigate risks for IT business.

We understand what Diia City is, how it’s going to work in practice, who would benefit from joining it, and, most importantly, what the point of it all is.

Here’s what we have to offer to IT business:

If you wish to discuss with a lawyer your vision and misgivings in regards to joining Diia City, as well as the benefits it offers, consider a classic consultation, so we can:

  • Determine whether your company satisfies the conditions for Diia City residency.
  • Break down in detail how joining Diia City will affect your company and what’s going to change for you.
  • Weigh associated risks and benefits for your company.
  • Develop a tailor-made roadmap on joining Diia City for you.
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If you prefer hard facts or want something concrete to show your colleagues, we can prepare a legal opinion on joining Diia City for you:

  • It will answer:
    • whether you will benefit from joining,
    • whether your company is eligible for joining and what’s required for it,
    • what’s going to happen once you join (new obligations, risks and opportunities, how much it’s going to cost, etc.).
  • Each point will have references to relevant legislation.
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If you have already decided to join Diia City, we will:

  • analyze your business structure (your team, processes, contracts, taxes) and recommend how best to adapt to the new format.
  • suggest the best structure for your company in terms of Diia City residency.
  • develop templates of contracts – with gig specialists and others.
  • outline how your company is going to change after 1+ years with Diia City.
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Tretten Lawyers have 8 years of experience with IT business structuring. We know how your company is going to operate as a Diia City resident. There’s nothing we value more than our clients’ trust, so we will tell you straight out if joining Diia City will not benefit you at this stage.

We aim to have your business running smoothly.

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